What the sessions with Steve are like:

   First: The basic premise of advanced change work:

Changing Your Past Means You
Change Your Future Trading!

   But why should you do this? Who cares about the past?

   After all, it’s over and done with, isn’t it?  

   And…there’s no way to change what happened to you.  But now, there is a way to change the emotions that it created in you back then… which are affecting your trading right now.

    For example:

    If you "beat yourself up" after a loss,
I guarantee that you beat yourself up in the past
over something else.

   If you are afraid of losing - forcing you to delay entry and prematurely take profits - I am rock solid sure you that fear of losing was an issue with you at some point in your life.

    If you revenge trade, trying to get back at the market, you tried to get back in other parts of your life, earlier in your life.

    So, unlike analysis or talk therapy, we simply find the root of the negative emotion - that's my job - and clear it.   Not a lot of talk. No time wasting sessions looking back over your past.

   Just powerful corrections!  So the past doesn't interfere with your mental and emotional ability to trade well.

  This is why it’s necessary to whack the
ROOTS of these weeds in your "subconscious garden".
Once done, you can trade with peace.
Calm… Ease… Without emotions clouding your vision.

   You may be wondering how this is done…

    My methods used are manifold. They do not dogmatically rely on any one source. 

   I have found the key to solving unsolvable problems rapidly is to go outside the box, in a non-linear fashion. And do what works for the client.

    My methods include NLP, Energy Psychology, my own intuition (which is so well developed, many clients comment they have never had someone "get them and their problems" so fast), and most of all, numerous proprietary methods I have developed over the past 21 ¼ years. 

    My intuition, plus the information you give me, will allow me to identify the root cause issues that are destroying your trading success.  (I analogize stubborn trading issues to weeds: If just whack the surface of the weed, it will grow back. When you get to it’s root, pull it out, and plant something positive, the change is permanent.)

    Provided that you are willing to face your issue head on, I will ask you to feel the negative emotion of your problem… for a few seconds to a minute. 

    NO more than that.

    Then, I will use the clearing methodology I have created.

    BTW: This method is totally unique. You can’t find it in any book… or even on any of my published self improvement works… because of the dynamic nature of it.

   It requires interaction between you and me to rapidly remove the negative mental blockage that’s affecting your trading.

   During the clearing part of the session, you will begin to slowly, and then rapidly, feel your problem disappear. On the spot. During that actual session.

    So you can expect that one issue to be Completely resolved by the sessions end.

    NOT all your challenges can be resolved in just one session, of course. 

    However, you should absolutely expect that trading psychology issue to be totally solved. 

    I will test you to ensure it is. You will hear me say, “Try with all your might to get back the problem.”

And, as amazing as this sounds,
you won’t be able to get back the negative emotion
you felt at the beginning of the session.

   As Steve says, “My rapid transformation technology will blow your mind, in the most positive way”.  And if it doesn’t, you won’t have to pay a penny for your session. See guarantee.

    This process will continue, until you are clear enough to trade -- Without negative emotions messing up your perception of the market.

. Without beating yourself up. While remaining relaxed, calm, and confident, even immediately after a loss; so that you can finally stick to your rules, without effort, struggle, or willpower (which never lasts.)

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