Trading Tips for BOTH New And Experienced Traders:

    For newbies… and for experienced traders alike: If you are struggling with your trading… follow these rules:

    The intraday moves of the market present
    you with many opportunities. Therefore...

    Do NOT be greedy!  

    If you are a beginner, and struggling, learn 2 setups.

    And that's it.

    Learn them well. Inside and out. If you were woken out of a deep sleep at 3am, would you recognize these 2 setups without a moment’s pause? If not, DON’T TRADE REAL MONEY! 

     If you are an experienced methodological/rule based trader, and have run into tough times, go back to square one.  Identify your top 2 highest probability trades.  And ONLY take those. Period.

    While this advice can’t give you even close to the same help you can get with one to one trading psychology coaching, if your issues are not too deep, you might be able pull this one off on your own.

  FOR ALL TRADERS:  Stop comparing yourself to the way you used to trade... to your mentor... or to others in your trading room!

    In fact, stop ALL comparisons! Focus on getting better, one small step at a time.

   Like Tiger Woods after he remade his swing, like Michael Jordan after his FIRST retirement, simply get back (or discover for the first time) the fundamentals.  Forget the past, and focus, like a laser, on the present.  Get back to profitability by ONLY taking the highest probability set-ups.

    Then, as you progress in your profits, add one more HIGH probability setup per every 2 weeks of winning.


    If you are a new trader, DO NOT TRADE real money until after you not only know your method inside and out, but prove you know it – and prove that it REALLY WORKS -  in simulated trading.

    Then, after 2 -4 weeks of successful simulated trading (one week is the bare minimum), you can consider trading real money. After a few weeks of trading real money, if your results are not the same as when you are in simulated mode, then you know one thing: Your trading psychology needs help. If that’s the case, go out and get it. Don’t waste time, because is money, especially in this business, where time can equal major losses.

  • Don’t believe – and even more important, don’t give a hoot about what your trading friends, teachers, and trading room attendees tell you about their profits. If you compare yourself to others, you are setting yourself up for mental self-sabotage.  Have goals in mind… and measure yourself ONE step at a time. As they say, Rome was not built in a day… and good(and great) traders are not either.

    Talk after you have shut down your trading software! Not while it’s on. And... don't be teased into taking a trade after you've shut down. Stay with your rules, and achieve your dreams! Don't play around.  

    If you can’t totally focus, get help with this issue.

    If you are wondering why this is so hard, let's look backward for a second. This may be the first time you are totally accountable to no one. No employees or payroll to meet. No boss. No quota.

    Realize these are different circumstances than usual.

    Behave accordingly.  Determine how many losses you will take in a day. And… figure out how much money you are willing to lose in a day.

    Write these numbers down, on your rules document. And if you break your rules, take a day off from trading.

    If you can’t, you are addicted. Get trading psychology help, fast, before you blow your account up.

     If you break your rules twice, take a week off.  Take off, before the market takes away your money.  It has a tendency to do that to those who don’t follow their rules.

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