Take this trading psychology test and find out
what is stopping you from trading your method:

    * If you can win on the simulator or paper, but as soon as you trade REAL money, you lose…

    * After a winning streak, when you finally think you’ve got a “handle” on your trading, do you – and your trading - self-destruct?

    * Do you sometimes - or often - get the feeling the market is going to SCR*W YOU THE VERY SECOND YOU ENTER A TRADE?

    * Do you feel embarrassed and ashamed about your trading results… so much so that you sometimes hide from or avoid friends and family, knowing they expect better from you, just like you expect better from yourself?...

    * If you go on winning streaks of days, weeks, or even longer, and then give it all back in a practically no-time…

    * If you are so gripped by fear you can’t enter a trade till its taken off, and then you chase it...only to  break your rules and enter late, risking too much of your hard earned capital…

    * Or are you simply not taking the full profits you know your methodology offers… leaving large piles of money on the table? Money that could… and should… be yours!

    * If your method calls for you to enter on a pullback, but you can’t wait, and jump in to early…

    * If you are afraid the market will take off and leave without you…

    * If you feel like you have to be in a trade, cause otherwise you are going to miss out on all the profits… making you lose…

    * If you take premature profits because you can’t stomach the feeling of losing

    * If your relationship with your wife or significant other is falling apart because you are so upset about your poor trading…

    * If your future feels SCR*W*D, because you can’t see how you can ever get out of this losing trap and into winning groove…

    * If you get angry at the market and revenge trade…

    * If you are feeling desperate, and without hope of ever turning the business of your dreams around…

    * Does fear paralyze your ability to pull the trigger… or does it force you to take premature profits… thereby crushing your dreams of making a profitable living from your trading?

    * Do you (sometimes) break your rules and discipline when emotions overpower you, with the following dismal result: Your trading account springs a leak, draining your hard earned capital!

    * Or are you simply not taking the full profits you know your methodology offers… leaving large piles of money on the table? Money that could… and should… be yours!

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, and the issue occurs enough to drain your account, then I'm going to tell it to you straight:

You need to get some help.

    Start looking for a trading psychology coach.

    Whether it’s me or not me, is not the issue:

    Here's what to look for:

    Find yourself a great coach – NOT a trading coach… but a trading psychology coach (the 2 are totally different):

    One with years of experience.

    One who guarantees your satisfaction.

    One with video proof that his method works for stubborn problems.

    One who you can relate to. And immediately sense their competence. And then… get started on getting your psychology fixed, so you can trade your method, not your mind or emotions.

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