About Steve Ira Present, M. S.

Steve Present
   Steve holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. He is board certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming), although he does not use NLP for trading psychology problems.

    He has developed a rapid change protocol that delivers on the spot changes that clients notice and feel during their sessions with him.

     Steve Has Been Working With Clients In
His Private Practice For Over 27 Years.

  Steve is deeply committed to helping others. He has volunteered with in-house psychiatric patients... he has worked at prisons... and worked with high risk juvenile offenders.

    He has coached one lot traders… and traders who trade large size. Over the years, his clients have included top celebrities, including a Grammy Award winner, local celebrities, and ordinary folks from every walk of life.

    Steve currently specializes in helping traders with tough trading psychology challenges.

Steve is passionate about many things, including trading, public speaking, martial arts, peak performance, and more.

  Private Phone line:   1 (305) 662-6800
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